Monday, 2 July 2012

preparing the wood

i kept away from that machine

tyre cutting is heavy work!

skate rink venue

Furniture Jam

Last weekend, Cottoncreates took part in an ethical furniture workshop.  It was run by Electric Pedals on behalf of the London Festival of Architecture and the aim was to create ethical seating solutions from discarded stuff like old furniture, motor and bike parts, wood, metal.   Upcycling in it’s element. The seats were to be used in the evening for a bicycle powered cinema experience in the White’s Grounds Skate Park under the nearby arches - unfortunately i had to leave before then so missed seeing the finished seats in use.

Dressed down as much as I know how  - in new shorts, tights and top (clearly not quite as suitable as others who turned up in their old jeans),  I didn’t know quite what to expect but rocked up at 11am to find a concrete area, empty aside from a couple of the guys from Re-fuze along with a multitude of machinery, tools and random scrap materials.  The workshop filled up as the day went on, and attendees, many of which were trainee architects got stuck in designing their own uniquw seats.  I didn’t think it wise to attempt the generator powered saw so stuck to de-nailing bits of wood, and cutting the metal wire out of tyres.  I’ve become a big fan of the electric screwdriver so i’ll definitely be investing in one of those for my projects!

Charlotte from Electric Pedals did a great job of keeping the day together and I would definitely go back to other workshops they run.

i wasnt allowed to take him home

'let them eat cake'

the personalised touch

my mum probaly had one of these

Anyone for cheese?

Vintage Glastonbury Wedding of the Year

I had the pleasure of attending my good friends’ Stu and Lou’s wedding in Sheffield on Saturday and it wasn’t just any old wedding.  Being avid visitors of Glastonbury and taking advantage of it’s year off, they opted to celebrate their wedding on the same weekend and the weather did not let us down with the frequent showers and the inevitable mud!

This wedding oozed creativity with a vintage and festival theme and the photos depict only a fraction of the event’s charm.

Quaint gatherings of worn leather sofas,  vintage dressers, family photos, and lanterns were scattered around the grounds of the Botanical Gardens.  An extensive marquee which housed 150 guests was decorated with bunting, fairy lights and yet more vintage delights.  Table centre pieces included badgers, typewriters and suitcases.  And not forgetting the cheese table complete with gramaphone and cake stall with copious cupcakes and other offerings. The bride, bridegroom and bridesmaids looked perfect in 50’s style.

Music from the last 4 decades and live band topped off the perfect ambience.

Lou runs and